Proactive Tax Planning Services

Keeping Your Future In Focus

LBA Haynes Strand provides tax planning services that successfully reduce your tax liability. But that's just the beginning. We go above and beyond the reactive tax planning services that most CPA firms offer, helping you achieve and maintain long-term stability and success.

We take the time to approach your business from a holistic perspective that enables us to proactively recommend strategic tax-saving strategies that increase your after-tax income. This is a comprehensive approach you simply don't get from a typical business or personal income tax preparation service.

Our tax planning services help you with:

  • Bank financing
  • Strategic business planning
  • Succession planning
  • Estate and gift tax
  • Cash flow
  • New business formation

From personal income tax planning and income tax preparation to professional tax services for large enterprises and everything in between, LBA Haynes Strand provides your organization with the professional tax services you need to reduce your overall tax liability and maximize the success of your business.

Is your company ready for a more strategic approach to tax planning than you have today?

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