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Navigation Changes Made To QuickBooks Online

Posted on Thu, Jun 22, 2017

We all know change is hard!  With this in mind we wanted to provide a highlight of the recent changes made to the QuickBooks Online navigation.  Even though the changes may take some getting used to, this is one of the main benefits of QuickBooks constantly have access to the most up-to-date version of QBO available!  The changes include:

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Free Webinar: "Cracking The Code To M&A Growth"

Posted on Tue, Jun 13, 2017

Join us on July 12th at 1pm for a free webinar.  John Bly, Principal and CEO of LBA Haynes Strand, will deliver his signature presentation: "Cracking The Code To M&A Growth."  John has delivered this speech across the globe to rave reviews and is excited to bring it to a webinar platform. 

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IRS Announces Top Tax Scams for 2017

Posted on Wed, May 10, 2017

The IRS has announced the completion of its annual “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams. The annual list highlights various schemes that taxpayers might encounter throughout the year, and especially during tax-filing season. “Taxpayers need to guard against ploys to steal their personal information, scam them out of money or talk them into engaging in questionable behavior with their taxes,” the IRS said.

The “Dirty Dozen” scams the IRS highlighted in 2017 are as follows:

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The Tax Deadline Has Come and Gone - Are You Happy?

Posted on Mon, May 08, 2017

With April 18th in your rear view mirror it is time to review how your tax preparation went.  Was it a painless process for you?  Did you have constant communication with your accountant?  If you did, you should thank your accountant and start planning for next year!  If not, maybe it is time to start thinking about a change.  Over the years we (as a Firm) have noticed clients switching to CPA Firms of our size over the traditional sole practitioner.  While you may enjoy a personal relationship or believe that it would be inconvenient to make a change to a full service CPA Firm - think again....

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Estate Planning For The Wealthy and Not-So-Wealthy

Posted on Tue, May 02, 2017

Estate planning is important for both the wealthy and not-so-wealthy.  Even if your estate is not large enough to require payment of estate taxes at your death (for 2017, the estate tax lifetime exemption amount is $5,490,000), having the proper documents in place at your death can minimize the burden placed on your loved ones.  Consider the following items when devising an estate plan:

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Register Now: Greensboro Workshop For Trucking & Logistic Companies

Posted on Fri, Mar 10, 2017

Summary of Workshop: 

This workshop will explore areas of risk for business executives and owners which will include interactive discussions about the challenges facing the trucking industry.  This session will create an awareness of Risk Management that should encourage every executive to assess their own business. 

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So You Want to Franchise Your Business?

Posted on Mon, Feb 27, 2017

Business owners looking for creative ways to grow and expand their business’s foot print sometimes turn to franchising in order to accomplish their goals.  Franchising is a business concept where the original owner of a business sells territorial rights to run independently-owned versions of the existing business to other business owners known as franchisees.  While the concept is not for everybody, there are certainly advantages to this business model. 

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Tips To Proactively Avoid Fraud and Embezzlement in a HOA

Posted on Mon, Feb 13, 2017

Fraud and embezzlement are words that can really cause an Association a lot of wasted time, money and energy.  So how can the Board of Directors get out in front of any potential fraud or embezzlement?  This is really simple and easy, but is almost always overlooked.  The Board needs to understand their role in fraud prevention and the top two components to fraud: motivation and opportunity.  In almost all cases, it will take both of these factors for fraud to occur.  Motivation is a factor completely outside of the Board’s control, but that cannot be said about the opportunity factor. 

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Here We Grow Again! LBA Haynes Strand Adds Charlotte based CPA Firm McArthur, McKeiver, & Vaughan, PLLC to The Firm

Posted on Mon, Jan 30, 2017

The 2017 year is here and LBA Haynes Strand has rang the proverbial growth bell again!  For the past 4 months, LBA Haynes Strand has been working to complete a deal with, Ballantyne based CPA Firm, McArthur, McKeiver and Vaughan, PLLC to unite as one combined firm.  The combination will add three Principals to the LBA Haynes Strand team with the additions of Brad McKeiver, Steve Vaughan, and Patrick Coleman.   This will increase the total of Principals to 13 and number of employees to 80 across the three North Carolina offices of the Firm.  The Firm will continue to operate under the LBA Haynes Strand, PLLC name, where the three incoming principals and the incoming staff members from McArthur, McKeiver, & Vaughan will join the Firm in the Matthews, NC office of LBA Haynes Strand. 

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Exciting News: Chad Stafford Has Been Promoted To Principal

Posted on Fri, Jan 27, 2017

LBA Haynes Strand is pleased to announce that effective January 1st, Chad Stafford has been promoted to Principal.  Chad joins our principal leadership team, where he will remain focused on providing tax planning, tax preparation, and tax research for clients of LBA Haynes Strand. 

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