LBA Haynes Strand Success Stories

Our clients appreciate an accounting partner who takes the time to understand their businesses and goals, and who's proactive with their tax, consulting, audit and accounting needs. But don't take our word for it – read what they have to say:

"LBA Haynes Strand's skill in sifting through the financials associated with a recent acquisition for our fund was beneficial in two specific areas: 1) Clarifying what to expect.  The business we were purchasing had significant labor turnover.  Because this was not a focus of our Due Diligence efforts, we would have missed that important reality.  After the transaction we have worked to stabilize the turnover and focus on upward mobility in the organization.  LBA Haynes Strand brought this to our attention eliminating the surprise and allowing us to strengthen our business immediately following the transaction. 2) Asset allocation is a key aspect to all business acquisitions.  LBA Haynes Strand helped us by working directly with the seller's accountant to work out a more favorable asset allocation for the transaction.  The owner wasn't persuaded by us, but his own accountant was able to shift the owner's position thanks to John Bly and LBA Haynes Strand."

Russ Sorrells, R&R Capital Investments, LLC


"I met John Bly when he was a rising star at a Big Six Accounting Firm.  His knowledge, energy and positive attitude stood out and we became fast friends.  When John left the big firm to start his own, there was no hesitation on my part – all of my personal and business accounting needs would be serviced by John and his team.  Over the years, it has been a pleasure to watch the evolution of LBA Haynes Strand, as it has grown from a few people to a top regional firm.  He and his team have significant knowledge of private equity, M&A, tax, audit and international business all of which we have utilized.  As each of our businesses have expanded, so have the service offerings of LBA Haynes Strand.  I have always viewed John as an extension of our company and an asset to our team – not just as an accounting service.  He has instilled the LBA Haynes Strand “partnership” mindset throughout his firm and they know no bounds for providing world-class customer service to my companies and to me as an individual."

R. Banks Bourne, CEO, Bourne Partners


"John Bly and LBA Haynes Strand have been our accountants since our inception.  We rely on LBA Haynes Strand for corporate structuring, forward-looking tax strategy, tax preparation, IT strategy and acquisition target auditing (due diligence).  As our business has grown, John has gone above and beyond the call of a professional services provider by acting as a leadership mentor to our executives.  Recently, the Team at LBA Haynes Strand allowed us to study their system for achieving a "paperless office."  We couldn't imagine how an accounting firm with a significant tax preparation business could achieve such a thing; but it's true.  Not only are they a paperless office, but their use of technology has directly benefitted our companies - by improving operational efficiency at LBA Haynes Strand - which helps keep their rates low.  Over the years, we have developed a relationship with LB&A that transcends the normal "company-to-service-provider" relationship; LBA Haynes Strand is our partner and they are absolutely committed to our success."
Steve Scalia, VP of Operations, BurnsAdler Pharmaceuticals & Tanner Pharmaceuticals



"Since 2009, LBA Haynes Strand has provided us with thorough audit and tax preparation services at the right price to meet our fiscal management needs. In our relationship with the LBA Haynes Strand, we have received prompt attention, relevant information and outstanding service. The practical advice given by the LBA Haynes Strand team has been useful in the assessment of our profit, loss and risk thresholds, in addition to compliance with federal and state regulations. LBA Haynes Strand is a community partner with a commitment to excellent customer care, and they always treat my business as their most important client."
Dr. Cheryl Nicholas, Executive Director/CEO, InnerVision, Inc.


"My experience with John Bly has always been pleasant and professional. John has helped A&K Painting Co. maneuver through the ever-changing rules of the IRS and think out of the box in planning for the future. His response time is impeccable."
Andy Robbins, CEO, A&K Painting Company, Inc.


"I have worked with most of the staff at LBA Haynes Strand in relation to both the needs of my firm and the needs of my clients.  In every instance I have found the staff and accountants knowledgeable, friendly, and prompt in responding to requests for assistance.  LBA Haynes Strand can provide the assistance needed for either simple financial needs or for the most complex financial matters.  A great strength is the willingness and ability of LBA Haynes Strand to join forces with other professionals when the need arises to provide to their clients the highest and best levels of service"
Charles "Chuck" W. Bennett, Attorney, Weaver, Bennett & Bland, P.A.


"LBA Haynes Strand is a growing, dynamic firm that in addition to timely and professional accounting and tax work, provides several specialized services including business acquisition consulting and a wealth management branch.  We are very pleased with our association with LBA Haynes Strand."
Jack Shaw, CEO, Carolina Underwriters & Financial Group


"Since 2006, Julie Ayers and the team at LBA Haynes Strand have been a turn-key solution for our financial audits and tax preparation.  Looking forward - we are excited to utilize their expertise in acquisitions and strategic financial planning.  I love the one-stop integrated full service solution."
Jeffrey Brewer, President, Scott Auto Body


"Since 2010, LBA Haynes Strand has provided exceptional service for both my business and personal tax needs.  The partners and staff members are friendly, knowledgeable and responsive.  They keep me up-to-date on the latest tax changes.  With their expanding suite of services, they are truly a one-stop financial resource."
Barbara Jones, President, Allegra - Marketing.Print.Mail


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