CPA Audit And Accounting Services

For North Carolina Charter Schools

Charter School Accounting

LBA Haynes Strand is proud to support the North Carolina Association for Public Charter Schools and provide full-service accounting for prospective and established North Carolina Public Charter Schools. We understand the unique needs of charter schools, which is why we've structured our Charter School Accounting Division to accommodate your most common concerns.

  • Our full accounting services begin one month before school starts.  We use state-approved LINQ accounting software to provide monthly accounting, fund management, state reporting, payroll, and payroll tax administration.
  • We will prepare your taxes. LBA Haynes Strand's accountants have the experience needed to handle all of your schools tax preparation needs.
  • We do not require a long-term contract. Many CPA firms for charter schools want you to sign a five-year contract. Our professional accounting services are provided on a yearly basis and are priced very competitively.
  • We work with schools that have a volunteer accountant. Providing accounting services for a charter school requires specialized knowledge to keep your school in compliance. It also requires software approved by the state. When you work with LBA Haynes Strand, you benefit from a full-time staff of accountants trained in LINQ, the top state-approved accounting software for charter schools.

Your focus is education. Our focus is charter school accounting services. Set up a no-cost consultation to discuss working together to help your charter school be as successful as the students you serve.

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