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International Business Consulting Events & Presentations

LBA Haynes Strand's Principal and CEO John Bly is a powerful international business consulting speaker. His in-the-trenches entrepreneurial experience, coupled with his global business acumen, make for a compelling presentation.

John's presentations draw on his background as President of the Charlotte Chapter of The Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO), chair for the highly successful international NERVE 2013 conference, member of the Standing Finance Committee for EO Global and his role as EO Accelerator Facilitator.

Fusing real-life examples with practical knowledge and exciting ideas, John's dynamic presentations provide thought-provoking insights and practical ideas filtered through his significant international business consulting experience.

Popular topics in his presentations include:

  • Global finance
  • Cash conversion cycle and cash flow
  • Investment tax strategy
  • Maximizing the value of a business
  • Tax essentials for business owners
  • Nonprofits and the IRS
  • Corporate income tax strategies
  • Mergers and acquisitions as a growth strategy

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