Income Tax Services

State And Federal Tax Preparation

State and federal income tax laws are complex and they're getting more complicated each year.  Our team stays up to date on the latest changes to the tax code and in turn keeps you up to speed with any changes to your personal or business situation.  We don't just crunch the numbers and file your return, we take a proactive approach that reviews every aspect of your financial picture and suggests smart ways to minimize your tax burden in the coming year.

When you entrust your tax preparation to LBA Haynes Strand, you benefit from:

  • Our proactive approach to tax preparation
  • Extensive education, research and experience
  • Proven tax saving strategies
  • Potential deductions to limit your tax liability for next year

The income tax services we provide cover all of your state and federal tax preparation needs, including:

  • Personal income tax preparation
  • Corporate income tax preparation services
  • Tax planning and income tax preparation for nonprofit organizations
  • Professional tax services for partnerships, LLCs and S-corporations

Contact us to set up a no-cost consultation. You'll learn more about our unique approach to tax preparation and see why we can be a value to you.

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