What Industries Are Growing Through M&A?

In recent years, mergers and acquisitions have seen a rise in popularity as a way to grow a business. Why is this? Much of this can be attributed to the aging of the Baby Boomer generation. Baby Boomer business owners are looking to retire or to cash in on the businesses that they have built. They are looking for opportunities to sell and the marketplace is very aware of this. As Generation X and Y continue to develop and build on their entrepreneurial backgrounds, there are many opportunities to buy businesses and grow businesses exponentially through M&A.

Mergers and acquisitions are not prevalent in every industry. However, there are some industries that are considered very active. These are the industries focused on growth through M&A:

  1. IT/Technology Companies
  2. Construction Companies
  3. Property Management Companies
  4. CPA Firms
IT/ Technology
Why M&A?

Technology companies want to gain access to intellectual property and talent, enhance new product lines (through acquisitions), acquire innovative product lines/technologies, and finally technology companies want to enter new markets. In addition, technology companies realize that these achieving these objectives through in-house operations would be very expensive and time-consuming. M&A gives these companies instant solutions and results.

Trends Driving M&A In The Technology Industry:
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Technology
  • Data Analytics
Construction Companies
Why M&A?

Construction companies want to gain access to an expanded geographical footprint with new markets, a larger workforce, increased financial flexibility, and additional service offerings. Acquisitions have been increasingly popular among construction companies as larger companies are looking to add a specialty service offering. For example, lets say you hire a contractor to come in and install new siding on your house. They do a great job and you are pleased with your decision to use their services. If you find out they just added custom garage door installation to their list of services, you will probably use them again. The increase in service offerings through mergers and acquisitions gives construction companies the ability to sell multiple times to the same client which increases revenue.

Trends Driving M&A In The Construction Industry:
  • Favorable capital market conditions
  • The shale revolution
  • Labor shortages
  • Aging and retiring population of owners
Property Management Companies
Why M&A?

Property Management Companies are using M&A in order to gain: size, proximity to new locations, economies of scale, and additional management offerings. In some cases, especially the Charlotte area, management companies are looking to grow across state lines. Rather than a Charlotte management company opening a new location in South Carolina, they will often times acquire an established management company in South Carolina. This can be seen in the state of North Carolina, when management companies based in Charlotte use this tactic to gain access into new cities, such as Raleigh, Greensboro, etc.

Trends Driving M&A In The Property Management Industry:
  • Real Estate brokers wanting out
  • Lack of succession planning
  • Competition: National players coming to Charlotte
CPA Firms
Why M&A?

Growth through M&A has steadily increased for CPA firms. Firms want to gain access to talent, new marketplaces, and new service offerings. A CPA Firm may lack the time and the talent to grow a certain niche or service offering that they see an opportunity in. The best way to achieve instant entry into the marketplace is often times through a merger or an acquisition of a smaller firm that specializes in that service/nice and has the talent in place to achieve results. These can lead to an INSTANT increase in revenue and a larger footprint.

Trends Driving M&A In The CPA Industry:
  • Aging and retiring population of owners
  • New service offerings
  • Lack or decrease of talent
  • Increase in competition

Growth through M&A is our specialty. If you are in one of these four industries and are interested in exploring how M&A can grow your business, contact us for a no-cost consultation.