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Happy Thanksgiving: The Adventures of Tucker the Turkey

Posted on Thu, Nov 27, 2014

Tucker the Turkey trotted into some accounting trouble with his internet search engine business called GOBBLE.  So Tucker decided to turkey call the accounting professionals at LBA Haynes Strand.  After a couple of hours, the LBA Haynes Strand team invited Tucker to come to the office so they could better understand his business.  At the office, Tucker met with the Firm Members who wanted to talk business, but Tucker just wanted to talk turkey.  The Members thought that since Tucker’s fixed assets were up in the air, that Tucker should turkey call his business partner at GOBBLE, Smokey. So Tucker gave his business partner, Smokey, a BING. Smokey was delighted to help out his best friend and business partner but thought that this might be a conversation for their other business partners as well. He called Buddy, who called Waddle, who called Tom; before you knew it, the ‘Butterball Effect’ exploded.

The Firm Members, who were sitting on the same side of the table with the turkeys, found themselves stuffed with information to organize; the turkeys had a cornucopia of cash flow and their plates had overrun. In order to help their clients become seasoned, the Firm Members decided to set up an appointment to meat again once they had plated out the responsibilities to get everything in order for GOBBLE. Balance sheets, dividends, income statements, it was a huge batch of numbers - which made everyone feel as if they had just gorged themselves on Thanksgiving dinner. But the Firm Members worked through everything, even down to the giblets.

The LBA Haynes Strand team loves a challenge, especially when the results allow their clients to do more of the things they enjoy doing, such as the turkey trot and gobbling for apples.  LBA Haynes Strand has helped the owners of GOBBLE stay organized and save a lot of gravy.  The extra time and gravy has allowed the Turkeys to take a pilgrimage.  They have a standing reservation at a resort in Europe the fourth week of November every year, which is NOT a holiday week in Europe!

As you can see whether you are a turkey or a human, LBA Haynes Strand takes great pride in providing the very best client service.  We want our clients to feel comfortable with the process we provide.  We believe client service is often over used and under done.  At LBA Haynes Strand, client service means same day turnaround of emails and phone calls to all clients.  Whether you need an audit, income tax preparation, business consulting, business valuation, full service accounting that is tailored to your company’s needs, or outsourced accounting services – LBA Haynes Strand is the place to be!

This year LBA Haynes Strand is thankful for all of our clients who allow us to serve them throughout the year. We wish you and your families the very best Thanksgiving Holiday!

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