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Fueling Deals Podcast: Acquisitions

Posted on Wed, Mar 20, 2019
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John Bly is on Corey Kupfer's Fueling Deals Podcast today sharing his deal-making strategy. "It wasn't until my fifth acquisition that I ran into trouble. I enjoyed sharing my story and the importance of research with Corey," describes John. 

Listen to the podcast by clicking this link!

Corey Kupfer is the host of this new podcast, Fueling Deals, where he interviews interesting entrepreneurs, executives and experts who have great stories to tell about deals they have done or failed to do and who are open, honest and authentic.

Guests will be talking about mergers, acquisitions, tuck-ins, key employee onboarding, joint ventures, licensing, partnerships, strategic alliances, capital raising and all other types of inorganic business growth deals – large and small.  Topics will include negotiating, structuring, finding, valuing, closing and integrating deals and all the related issues, opportunities, benefits, pitfalls and lessons learned.

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Fueling Deals

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