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5 Important Cybersecurity Tips

Posted on Thu, Apr 18, 2019

As your team of trusted advisors, one of our main objectives is to provide you with the knowledge and resources to help you achieve your goals. In today’s digital world, we understand that you are susceptible to cybercrime and identity theft daily. We have compiled a few tips for you to use in order to protect yourself against these threats. 


1 – Understand that you are a target. The first mistake you can make it assuming that you will not be targeted by a hacker or cyber-criminal. When you let your guard down, you are putting your personal and financial well-being at risk.

2 - Update your devices and their software. It is important to keep your computer and any additional internet-connected devices such as your smart phone or tablet updated. Updates are sent out because a vulnerability has been found.

3 – Keep your passwords strong and do not reuse them across multiple sites. Ensure that the passwords you are using are unique and would not be easily identified.

4 – Think before you click (or open). Be careful when clicking links or opening attachments within an email. If something seems suspicious, it probably is. Hover your cursor over a link before you click to make sure you will be directed to a safe site.

5 – Physically protect your devices. Prevent your computer from being used or stolen by unauthorized individuals. Laptops are easy targets for theft so it is important to store them in a secure and locked location when not in use.

As your team of trusted advisors, we want to encourage you to take the necessary steps to protect you and your business against cybercrime. The best way you can start protecting yourself is by being proactive and having a complete understanding of the tips in this post.

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