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Special Interview: M&A Activity and The US Market

Posted on Dec 2, 2015 7:00:00 AM

John Bly was featured on Sky News Money in Australia this week.  John was interviewed by Marty Switzer and discussed Merger and Acquisition activity in the US.  John is in Australia where he is a part of the Entrepreneurs Organization and the standing finance committee.

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According to John, it is a great time to grow your business through mergers and acquisitions.  The Fed rate is low, but there are a couple of other factors that make this such a great time to grow through M&A:

1. Capital Availability

The Private Equity Groups, Private Investors, and Banks have more money on the sidelines that they want to put to use in the marketplace than ever before.  Additionally, interest rates are still at historic lows (however this could change slightly in 2016 - so keep an eye on this) - so borrowing capital to buy or acquire a business can be done very efficiently.

2. Larger Companies Are Worth More

Acquiring 1 to 3 competitors and building your current company may change the multiple you get on an exit from 4x to 6x of EBITDA.  The big difference here is that you may be buying a smaller business for 3x the earnings and later as you combine it with your business and thus resell a larger business in the future, you may be able to get a rate arbitrage on your purchase.  Thus, the same business you bought for more than 3x.

3. Supply & Demand

As Baby Boomers are exiting their companies - there are lots of sellers, but there are not as many buyers as there were 10 years ago.  This makes the selection of businesses to acquire better than the past.  Also technology has helped in this regard.  Most Capital Advisors that provide buy side searches or sell side representation have access to websites that list companies that are up for sale.  This makes it much easier to find the demographic fit, niche fit, and value that the buyers are looking for.  Therefore, when a business owner comes to a Capital Advisor they are receiving information on numerous companies that are interested in selling, and have more choices than they would have had at any time in the past.

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