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Scalable and Customized CFO Solutions

LBA Haynes Strand provides full outsourced CFO accounting services to clients.   Our services are scalable, customizable and affordable based 100% on your needs.  We have seen a need for these services as "sudden" - maybe an illness, unplanned retirement, or a merger or acquisition occurred that left your accounting function in the dark.  It is our job to come in, turn those lights back on and get your accounting function up and running again.  But we don't stop there!  Not only do we want to sustain your accounting function, we want to improve it.  Through a series of internal reviews and assessments, our trusted business advisors are able to strengthen and improve what you have already built.  Do we offer part-time CFO services as well?  Absolutely!  The role we play is 100% based on your needs and your goals.
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CFO Services Offered:
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