Forensic Accounting

Accounting Services Used In The Court of Law

Forensic accounting includes any accounting services that may be used in a court of law.  It includes civil disputes as well as criminal cases. For example, forensic accounting can be used to calculate damages, gather evidence of fraud, help with bankruptcy and insolvency situations, or value businesses for civil disputes or divorce proceedings.  Often, the forensic accountant is required to prepare and present expert testimony in a court or deposition.

At LBA Haynes Strand, we believe in being able to serve the needs of our clients, including the unfortunate circumstances that sometimes arise.  We help our clients prevent these unfortunate situations whenever possible, and help them through the ones that cannot be prevented.  We are experienced in working with bankruptcy cases and preparing business valuations.  Our experience helps our clients to structure controls within their organizations to minimize the risk of fraud through asset security measures, segregation of duties, and developing adequate supervision and monitoring procedures.  We can also aid in uncovering fraud after it has occurred, as well as responding to allegations of improper or illegal activity by gathering evidence to help prove and document the fraud in accordance with the legal rules of evidence.

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