Accounting for Franchising

Providing CPA Services for Franchisors and Franchisees

Business owners looking for creative ways to grow and expand their business’s footprint sometimes turn to franchising in order to accomplish their goals.  The initial setup of a franchised business is often a very arduous process.  The many compliance tasks required to franchise a business can often be time consuming, cumbersome and costly if not done properly.

LBA Haynes Strand, PLLC has worked with franchisors and franchisees for many years to ease the burden of franchising a business.  From choosing the proper organizational structure for your business, to assisting with the filing of the franchise disclosure document (FDD), we are well-versed in franchising.

Our services offered to the franchising industry include:

  • Performing the financial statement audit required for FDD filing
  • Tax compliance
  • Operational audits performed at the franchisee level
  • Accounting solutions (Franchisees)
  • Purchase and sale valuations

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