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describe the imageMost entrepreneurs start businesses because they want to be their own bosses. With this freedom, they're able to express themselves creatively. They're able to run things according to their own standards, methods and expectations. However, many entrepreneurs get stuck when they try to take their companies to that next level. This is where mergers and acquisitions present a golden opportunity for growth.

M&A has the potential to grow your business by 50%, 100% or even 200% relatively quickly, while simultaneously adding powerful cash flow to your business.

About The Book

"Cracking The Code: An Entrepreneur's Guide To Growing Your Business Through Mergers And Acquisitions For Pennies on the Dollar" provides growth-driven entrepreneurs with a strategic, step-by-step blueprint for sourcing, analyzing, financing and closing the right deals.

A successfully merged company is worth far more than the sum of its parts. With the actionable advice in this book, you'll be empowered with the following:

  • Ability to determine if two companies are the right fit
  • Best practices for meticulous due diligence and strategic valuation
  • Deal structures and tax strategies that maximize both companies' interests
  • Integration tools and techniques to merge both companies' cultures, processes and incentives

Introduction: Way To Grow!

Chapter 1: Are You A Good Fit?
Chapter 2: So Much To Consider
Chapter 3: Designing The Deal
Chapter 4: What's It Worth To You?
Chapter 5: Dancing With Uncle Sam
Chapter 6: Landing A Good Catch
Conclusion: The Done Deal
Appendix: The Due Diligence Checklist

About The Author

John Bly, the founder and CEO of LBA Haynes Strand, has used his entrepreneurial leadership to dramatically propel the firm's growth. LBA Haynes Strand currently ranks 14th in the Charlotte Business Journal's Top 25 CPA Firms in the Charlotte Region. John and his wife created Bly & Bly, CPA with the purchase of Carolina Professional Accounting in 2004. Since then, Bly has successfully achieved eleven mergers and acquisitions, transforming the company into LBA Haynes Strand, the powerful and renowned firm it is today. 

John spends his time regularly consulting for 20-30 M&A transactions a year, both on the buying side and the selling side. He is regarded as an expert amongst his peers and has spoken to CPA firms in North Carolina, Nebraska and West Virginia to help them grow an M&A practice. He also regularly works with business brokers and investment bankers to help structure and plan deals -- not just taking tax strategy into account, but also incorporating culture and company fit for strategic growth.

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