Think Inside the Box

The same tax laws exist for everyone. The creative aspect is how to construct a tax plan that maximizes the use of available credits or incentives and evaluates options to defer tax liability for your business and in your personal financial position.

Taxes have a substantial impact on your company’s bottom-line, and our experienced professionals are trained in the complex, changing and difficult to understand issues. We take the time to approach your business from a holistic perspective which enables us to proactively recommend strategic tax-saving strategies. A comprehensive tax plan can free up cash to use in the business and build family wealth.

Your Tax Solutions Include:

  • Tax planning at the federal & state levels
  • Risk analysis
  • Federal, state & local return preparation
  • Payroll tax filings
  • Sales tax returns & SALT studies
  • International tax services
  • Enterprise zone tax credits

  • R&D studies
  • Cost segregation
  • IRS communications
  • Succession, transition & exit planning
  • Estates & trusts
  • Family wealth transfer plans
  • Individual & family tax services

Comprehensive Tax Support

Preparing and filing tax returns should not be the core role your accountant provides. Our core function is to provide a tax strategy for your long-term financial success. We would welcome the opportunity to begin a conversation with you. To start, we can look at the last few years of your tax returns to see if incentives were missed such as research and development credits. Then, we can talk about your long-term goals and family wealth objectives.

Take Action. Let us review your tax plan at no-cost. If you do not have a written tax plan, let us describe how that would benefit you. Contact us at or call us at 800.873.7604 so we can learn more about your business.