Accounting Resources

Tax Strategies, Tips, Tools And Knowledge

Use the accounting resources on this page to help you learn ways to minimize your tax burden, plan for the coming tax year, consider new business tax strategies and think about your ongoing tax consulting needs.

  • Free tax organizer
    Request your free copy today. It's a great tool to assist you in your tax planning for the coming year.

  • Track your refund
    Use the tax refund tracking tools on this page to find out the status of your state and federal returns.

  • Record retention
    How long should you keep your tax records?

  • Tax rates
    Properly applied tax strategies may bump you from one tax bracket to another.

  • IRS tax forms and publications
    Keep this page handy for tax prep time. It lets you quickly view and print any IRS tax form or publication.

  • State tax forms
    Easily access tax forms and information for any state in the United States.

  • Affordable Care Act Letter
    Tax Provisions

One of the most powerful accounting resources we have for you is a no-cost consultation with one of LBA Haynes Strand's experienced tax professionals. We'll show you how our professional tax services deliver the tax guidance you want by making the most of all available tax opportunities. 

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